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Fixed price repairs are based on the assumption that unit/s received
‘original & complete’... a surcharge may be applied to cover
missing  parts etc...  If in doubt send in the unit for inspection
Good  luck with your project’...  Enjoy your classic motoring...
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Jaguar XK 120 ( 1948 / 54 )
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JDO Instruments

Classic Car Instrument Repairs ( Est 1963 )
Fixed price repairs for most British & European Classic Car Instruments
48hr service  available... Why pay more & wait longer ! No UK vat
Tele:   01535 603570 / Mobile: 07872 071512
Please check the  FAQ’s page  BEFORE ringing / texting / emailing
48hr service ( surcharge applies ) Current surcharge is... 25%

For a GUARANTEED 48 hr service /  2 working days ( excluding Sat / Sun &  Bank Holidays )
The following conditions apply... 1st  Check for any proposed holidays   

Your order must be received  BEFORE 1.00pm on day 1... orders received  AFTER 1.00pm are treated as ‘next day’
Your order will  be posted back on or before day 3... The correct payment must be included  / arranged with your order
Cheque's must be made out / signed & dated correctly… include the debit card details for the same a/c
ie. the 16 digit number / expiry date / sort code & the 3 digit security code ( last 3 numbers in the signature panel )

Approximately  10% of cheque’s received are either not signed / made out correctly ! & most  don’t have card details on

Your order  MUST include all the information required to complete the work  WITHOUT us having to contact you to
clarify anything eg. Speedo’s: re-calibration information / mileage reading... Rev counters:  polarity / number of cylinders
type of ignition ( for electronic rev-counter repairs & upgrades etc )... all of which can be established before posting

The current surcharge of  25% ( excluding p&p ) is payable for this service...
eg. The price for a Basic Speedo repair  / service would be £115 +  £28.75  ( 25% ) = £143.75 +  p&p
If for  ANY  reason either beyond our control / due to pressure of work etc we are unable to POST  your
order within 2 working days... we undertake to  REFUND  any surcharge paid

The surcharge amount may vary depending on the season  /  workload... Please check  if you wish to use this facility
Volvo P1800 ( 1960 - 73 )
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